Pretzel Pass launches!

After months of developing and perfecting it, our Auntie Anne's app is now ready for download.  You can officially start 'saving dough' when buying our pretzels.

The Pretzel Pass Pass will fill your smartphone to the brim with rewards and goodies that it will be fit to burst!

To start collecting points simply have your pretzel pass scanned every time you make a purchase at your favourite Auntie Anne's store.  What's more, after your first purchase we will credit your Pretzel Pass with enough points for a free pretzel. Don't forget you need to register your card before you can redeem any points!

Go on - treat yourself!

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Pretzel -Pass -2

The greatest customer loyalty card there ever was...

The pretzel pass is for the true pretzel connoisseur. Start collecting points at your favourite Auntie Anne's to redeem on great pretzel perks.

Pretzel -Pass -3

VIP's (Very Important Pretzel Lovers) earn free pretzels!

That's right, every purchase using your pretzel pass earns Pretzel-Dough to redeem on free pretzels and drinks. What's more is we'll send you free vouchers and offers just because we love you so much.

Pretzel -Pass -1

Earn Pretzel-Dough on the go with the Pretzel Pass App

The pretzel pass lets you see your points balance on the go using iPhone & Android devices, claim your rewards and even collect dough at any Auntie Anne's store.