June brings us an exciting new product launch – Pepperoni Nuggets! They will be a limited time only product for you over the summer. These delicious little savoury bites are the perfect snack or lunch time treat. Each nugget is made on site from scratch, just like all Auntie Anne’s products. The dough is made and left to prove, after this each nugget is hand rolled and flavoured. Each Pepperoni Nugget has a covering of tempted melted cheese and topped with its own piece of pepperoni. 

We have an amazing combo offering with this product – Pepperoni Nuggets plus a bottled soft drink and tangy Mariana dip – check out your local store for prices. 

These nuggets will be available until the end of August in most of the stores (all except for Brent Cross).

Another event happening in June is our #LuckyDip – use your Pretzel Pass app or card in June and win either a free dip, free drink or free nuggets in July in the form of points. What will you win? Use your pass this month and find out! If you don’t have the Pretzel Pass already, follow the link to download today - iOS | Android