We’re sure you’ve heard all about the best things since… a sliced pretzel; the Auntie Anne’s Pull-A-Part! 

For those of you who haven’t yet had the opportunity to try the tasty treat, or for those who want another (we do NOT blame you!), we’re running a competition where you can get the chance to win enough Pretzel Dough points for this lovely goody. 

It's Fun and Tasty!

Why should you enter the competition? Because the Pull-A-Part is not only tasty but fun too! It’s like a wishbone, or a Christmas cracker! You grab one end, your friend/nemesis grabs the other and you pull! The person with the biggest end is the winner.

Win a Free Pull-a-Part With Your Game Face

To enter the competition you need to send us your Pull-A-Part Game Face. Is it serious to spook the other contender? Sad that you’ve lost over half of your tasty snack? Or happy to be taking half of someone else’s? We want to see!

You can send the picture to us by:

Tweeting the picture and mentioning @AuntieAnnesUK 

Post the picture on Instagram and tag @AuntieAnnesUK  

Or post the picture on our Auntie Anne’s UK’s Facebook wall 

Don’t forget the hashtag #PullAPartGameFace!

We’re giving away a free Pull-a-Part everyday, so you can enter everyday if you wanted to, on any of our social media pages! We’re also giving away 100 Pretzel Dough points for any runners up! 

Remember to Pull. Share. Repeat