What’s that saying? “Food tastes better when shared with the ones you love”… Food and friendship go hand in hand, it’s a fact. We all have that one friend where the whole friendship is based around food; you talk about food, you send each other pictures of food and, most importantly, you gorge on food together… It’s more of a ‘foodship’ than a friendship. 

Here’s 15 things that happen when you’re in a foodship:

1. Food tastes better with a dash of jealousy 

Whenever you visit your favourite food place (Auntie Annes) and your BFF (best foodship friend) isn’t with you, you take a pic and send it to them immediately. It tastes even better when you know they’re jealous.



2. You mean you can post pictures that AREN'T of food?

Your Instagram profile is 90% pictures of food- all of which your BFF is tagged in because they were there enjoying it with you too.



3. Blah blah blah food blah food blah food food

You regularly discuss food. In fact, 90% of all conversations are related to food… No one else would find them interesting.



4. People actually send nice selfies on Snapchat?

Snapchatting your BFF consists of either:
1. Food pics
2. Gurning face pics (because who can resist)


 5. I hate you but give me your food

If your BFF gets served before you, you only hate them a little bit. Just a little.


6. You think you know hanger? Just wait 

Hanger is real. And theirs is the scariest.



7. Dunking cinnamon stix is classed as exercise, right?

You and your foodie friend feel spiritually connected to her… 

78. You just know them so well!

When you go to a new restaurant without them, you see things on the menu that they would like and have to tell the person you’re with “Oh I have a friend who would LOVE this!”



You don’t even bother asking if you can have a bite of their food because you don't want to enrage the beast… 



10.  The more (food) the merrier

There is only one occasion where you both actually would share... You both buy a meal and then an extra meal on top of that as well. 


11. You are totally there for eachother

When you’re craving your favourite food but don’t want to get it on your own- you know they will ALWAYS be up for gorging with you… And vice versa. 



12. Did someone say snacks?

 Every time you hang out, someone suggests snacks.




Any journey with them that is over 30 minutes long counts as a road trip… And what is a road trip without copious amounts of food?



14. SALAD!?

If they try to order a salad you have a real sense of worry. 



15. <3 FOOD <3

And finally, you know your foodship is real because you love them (almost) as much as you love food. Aw.




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