Auntie Anne's UK are pleased to announce the launch of our new, customer focussed website for 2014!

With a more user friendly look and feel, the new website contains the folowing features to ensure our customers have the most exciting experience possible when visiting


1. Main banner outlining current offer and product promotions as well as the seasonal campaigns.

2. Social network focussed hexagon tile news feed with stories being "pulled" from Auntie Anne's UK Facebook and Twitter as well as Auntie Anne's US Instagram and Youtube feeds.

3. Pretzel counter which relays to our customers the number of pretzels our Crewmembers are hand making and baking across our 30 stores in the current year.

What's New

News section of the website keeping our customers aware of all the latest happenings in the world of Auntie Anne's Pretzel in the UK! These may include new store openings, product launches, campaign launches and any other newsworthy items.

Our Story

This is an animated "History of the Pretzel" story with hand drawn visuals taking our customers on a journey of the beginnings of the pretzel, through to the present day. it's been quite a journey as I think you will agree!

Store Finder

This is an easy to use Google Maps based store finder listing the locations throughout the UK and Ireland as well as providing a useful "10 nearest stores" search function. Each store when clicked gives you the useful information you as the customer will need inclluding the address and opening hours of the location!

Pretzel Pass

This is an information and newsletter sign up page outling the key features of the incoming Auntie Anne's Pretzel Pass loyalty program and App.

One of the key features of this new website is the adaptability to different devices from desktop to laptop; and from Smartphone to tablet. Try it out on a different device...we guarantee you'll be impressed!