After Months of Developing and Perfecting, Our Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Pass App is Now Ready!

You can officially start ‘saving dough’ when buying our pretzels. 

To qualify for a FREE pretzel all you have to do is buy your first pretzel whilst being registered to the loyalty scheme. 

Once you have downloaded the app you receive your very own ‘Pretzel Pass’. Every time you buy a treat from us you earn a number of Pretzel Dough (our loyalty points). To get more delicious freebies you need to save up your Pretzel Dough- for example for only 300 PD you can get a free lemonade mixer.

To receive the points on your Pretzel Pass your unique code (found on the Pass) will need to be scanned each time you buy from our stores. You can keep track of your ‘Pretzel Dough Balance’ on the app, so you know how much you have bagged. We’ve also built in a menu and store locator so, no matter where you are, you can please your appetite with any of our freshly baked pretzels.

Don’t worry if you’ve been using a hard copy of the loyalty card, you can register it with the app and then have the choice between using your phone or the physical copy. 

Do you think our app is ‘Pretzel Perfect’? Let us know! 

If you haven't already, you can dowload the app from:

The App Store

Google Play